2022 - The Green Metropolis - Every(body) is urbanism
The Veins of the City. Every(body) is Urbanism. The Green Metropolis.
The Why Factory, together with artist and haute-couture designer Iris van Herpen, launches Every(body) is urbanism, a research that explores the crossovers between biodiversity, clothing and the city. WielandStudio made the movie.
Every(body) is urbanism operates at the intersection of nature, urbanism, architecture and the human body. This movie: The Veins of the City is part of a larger project, the Green Metropolis, an initiative launched by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands. The Green Metropolis is aimed at producing real solutions to tackle planetary urgencies by focusing on the capacity of nature to contribute to the fabrication of a more sustainable built environment. The Green Metropolis will include a traveling exhibition that will display dresses designed by Iris van Herpen, proposals for the city of the future by the Why Factory, which will all blend together to form a series of ‘inclusive ecosystems’.
AMEX Event @ The Valley
Film Stills
Concept: The Why Factory (TU Delft)
'Roots of Rebirth' SS21: Atelier Iris van Herpen
Film: WielandStudio | Eline Wieland
Original Soundtrack: Salvador Breed and Maarten Vos
Original Particles Animation: Shy.Studio
Design Valley Building: MVRDV for EDGE
3D Model Valley Building: MVRDV for EDGE
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