1999 Metacity/Datatown, MVRDV Datatown is an audiovisual presentation of an imaginary city completely based on statistical data. With a surface area of 400 by 400 kilometers, Datatown measures four times the size of the Netherlands with a population density four times as large, eventually accommodating about 250 million people. Datatown is completely self-supporting and has no surrounding countries, which raises important issues about the consequences of a self-supporting city not having any neighboring cities or countries. Datatown calculates and constructs the needs of this city, and presents them to the visitor in a panoramic view, with moving images. 
Datatown was first shown in Stroom hc/bk in The Hague in 1998.

1 screen video compilation of the installation

360 video

Concept : Winy Maas
Research and Design : MVRDV Rotterdam: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries
with : Bas van Neijenhof, Mathurin Hardel, Ximo Peris Casado, Margarita Salméron Espinosa, Eline Wieland, Marino Gouwens, Ali Rahim, Kok Kian Goh, Penelope Dean, Christoph Schindler, Nicole Meijer, Paul Ouwerkerk, Joost Grootens
Film : Wieland & Gouwens, Rotterdam: Eline Wieland and Marino Gouwens
Soundscape : Van Rijkevorsel
Made possible by : Stimuleringsfonds Rotterdam and Stroom Den Haag
First shown : Stroom Den Haag, December 1998

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