2016 connecting worlds. head in the clouds
Shopping on Schiphol with your head in the clouds ...
On March 8, 2016, the new high end 'Fashion Gallery' of Lagardère opened at the intercontinental terminal at Schiphol. (lounge2)
The store is decorated with white and black marble, chrome and wood so efficiently and tightly that the demand for an artwork in the space was not the easiest. The client would like to give the shopping visit a special experience, with a wow factor, a stop factor ...
The biggest stand-in-the-way sniper, the lumpy concrete pillar in the middle of the store, became the canvas for a work of art. Flexible led panels make the pillar a large display that runs through a circle (4 meters in diameter) on the ceiling.
On this led surface, a 10-minute moving image sparks, the title "connecting worlds. Head in the clouds" refers to the passing Dutch Dutch clouds and to "head in the clouds" because you are going to make a distant intercontinental trip or because you are shopping ...
Natural elements from all continents are connected in the film to the clouds as a background. It has become a wonderful work that is surprising, makes smile, calm and still remains exciting for 10 minutes. (text Mothership)
Led Installation @The Fashion Gallery Schiphol, film loop 10 minutes

Led Installation rendering, film loop 10 minutes

Design proposal 05112015

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