2022 - Redevelopment Jodenbreestraat 25 Amsterdam
The departure of the municipality of
Amsterdam from the building’s office floors will
create the momentum needed to carry out a
high-end renovation of this structure, make it
sustainable, and help it blend in better with its

We view the renovation of Jodenbreestraat
as an area development challenge that will
help shape the transition to the future. This is a
future that unites differentiation in architecture,
where inner-city chaos makes room for calm,
where the building acts as an anchor in its
surroundings, and where city and nature blend
together. The building will act as a connector
and create a new look for the Meester

A number of measures will be taken with
respect to the façade to help the building be
more compatible with its surroundings. We don’t
just seek connection in architecture, but also
with nature. The addition of plenty of greenery
at existing and new outdoor spaces creates a
connection to existing green structures, in both
the immediate surroundings as well as to Hortus

The redeveloped structure may also
be described as a high-quality and high-end
flexible building. Amongst other things, the
addition of an extra entrance and the creation
of new connections in the conservatories
further reinforces and stimulates interaction
and mobility between the various offices. The
conservatives will result in additional, highquality
office floors and the proposed new upper structure, for example.

Client: Being 
Design: De Zwarte Hond
Film: WielandStudio 
Visuals: Parallel
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