The Position of the Dutch "Noordvleugel" region within International Foreign Direct Investment Networks Research
Technological and societal developments have over the past few decades enabled firms to gain access and control of foreign markets and production processes.
This has resulted in the increased expansion of global, regional and local inter-corporate networks.
Since the 1980s foreign direct investments (FDI) have overtaken trade to become a key determinant of the global economy.
Firms in different urban regions form collaborative and competitive networks with each other to gain resources and access to markets.
The more socially, economically and environmentally attractive a region is the more FDI it will attract. It also means that the fate of an urban region is related to its strength and position within the global network.
We will now explore the significance of the Noordvleugel within international FDI networks over the combined period of 2000 to 2010.
Assignment: Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands
Research: Ronald Wall, IHS / Erasmsus University
Animation: Eline Wieland and Marino Gouwens, Wieland & Gouwens
September 2010
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